Rush, Witt & Wilson


When you choose your estate agent you are making one of the biggest decisions of your life. Implicit trust maybe a strong requirement but we believe it is essential. We are representing you in one of the largest single transactions you will ever undertake. We take our responsibilities very seriously on your behalf.

If a buyer or seller trusts their agent then the transaction is simplified from the outset.

The Team. Many of our staff measure their service to our clients and the community not just in months or years but decades. It takes a long time to develop a reputation and a very short time to lose it. Our staff and partners operate with impeccable manners and professionalism. Our firm was founded over twenty years ago. The polish rubs off many of our competitors but we just shine!

The Network. We have offices on most major High Streets in the area. Our tastefully branded premises are a haven of quality service in a sea of mediocrity. Its no wonder we sell more property than any other agent in 1066 country. We have more local homes for sale than any other agent, and more buyers with over 2,500 purchasers registered at any one time.

Many people like to browse on the internet or read newspaper adverts, but have no doubt, in the property world more business is still done face to face, the old fashioned way than ever before. In addition we have over 600 affiliated offices across the UK including 50 in the Greater London Area recommending quality buyers to us on a daily basis.

Newspaper Advertising. We take more space in the local press than any other agent. Our colour advertising is a regular feature in all the local mediums. More pages means more enquiries, more buyers and more sales. You have to give your move the best possible chance and that means Rush Witt & Wilson.

Our service. We were one of the first agents to embrace technology in 1997. We are therefore now very good at it. We understood early on that personal service should be served by technology not ruled by it. This means that all our property is offered through all our offices all of the time by all of our staff. Imagine that! Extreme coverage and local knowledge. From the first moment you view a property or place your home on the market you will recognise the difference. Our in house energy assessor will give helpful advice on ways to make your home greener, floor plans mean you will not waste your time on unsuitable properties.

Most people are put off by high pressure sales, we like to assist people to make their own decisions.

Internet Marketing.

We feature on, & It is not enough to use one website any more than it is enough to market a property from one High Street office. For example we regularly sell property in Hastings from Battle.

If you use an agent without a network of local offices you are missing out.

What people say.

We have been individually awarded as being the best estate agent in all the areas we cover by Cartus, the worlds leading relocation company.

Just read our testimonials to find out why.

It all sounds great doesn’t it. Why not take the next step and give us a call.

Tim Witt