Stay ahead of the game with video marketing

Here at Rush Witt & Wilson, we have always prided ourselves in innovation. Back in February of this year, we produced our first ever video for a new property coming onto the market. We posted this to our social media channels with a very positive response

Just as we were finding our feet in video marketing, we had to close our offices due to coronavirus. But that didn’t stop us, in fact, it gave us a new way to communicate with our clients and customers and the general public at such an important time.

So with a lot of us working from home, we started to produce more informative videos about what was happening in the market as well as some excellent educational videos from other Branch Partners about everything from Lease Extensions to getting your house ready to market.

After this, we announced our reopening with further market updates as and when they happened.

Being fully operational, now we can produce video virtual tours for our properties which can be seen online or sent privately via a Youtube link. This allows us to provide more accurate viewings for both sellers and buyers.

Given the huge variation in architecture, initially, we wanted to focus our videos around the Hastings, St Leonards and the outlying Villages to showcase a wide variety of property. This ranged from quirky apartments, renovations, historical properties in the old town and rural arts and crafts semi-detached homes. We even presented to the market a local Colonial American Lodge with 5 Acres of land that has been featured in famous music videos!

Within a short space of time, it has become evident to us that this method of marketing homes is informative, engaging and sometimes quite entertaining. We have had over 50,000 views either via Facebook or Youtube already in a matter of months. This has shown us that there are many ways of reaching out to buyers and sellers in the market. This includes the more traditional and proven methods and the new and innovative. We will continue to use them all to make sure your property sale or search is the very best we can offer.

All of our videos are easy to find on our Facebook pages and if you would like to be kept up to date, simply like our pages as we have plenty more to come!