RCIS Surveyors Reports

This year The RICS has directed Building Surveyors to provide new types of report this year which will replace the previous Condition Report, Homebuyer Report or Building Survey. These reports were rather rigid and limited in the scope of advice allowed in them (except for the Building Survey). RICS market research found this frustrated some buyers who felt they didn’t get value for money or confused others as their requirements did not ‘fit’ the formats. The report names also did not suggest what level of survey a buyer would be getting unless they had a good understanding of the reports.

For the future, we will provide a report to one of 3 levels of detail depending on the type of property. The aim is also to provide greater clarity in the reports and a wider scope of information, better serving house buyers.

Level 1 Reports are more suitable for flats and small modern houses and replaces the Condition Report.

Level 2 Reports are suitable for slightly larger houses of standard construction with minimal alterations or extensions and replaces the Homebuyer Report.

Level 3 Reports are suited to large, listed or unusual houses of all ages and construction types, being the most detailed reports and replaces the Building Survey.

One of the aims of the RICS is allowing Surveyors to tailor reports more closely to the concerns of house buyers, so all the reports can be expanded or added to accordingly as long as they meet certain RICS specified minimum standards. It is also intended that reports include information on issues important to buyers around the house and locality, which can affect a buyer’s decision to purchase.

Building survey services are generally provided by either large, national organisations or local ‘independents’ like us. The large corporates can be cheaper, but the report you receive will be in a fixed format with a limited scope of inspection and usually, there is no direct contact with the surveyor and no opportunity to follow up. As independents, we offer reports which are more individually written and tailored to the clients specific concerns. The RICS surveyor who does the work will discuss your concerns in advance with you, have an intimate local knowledge and will be available to follow up with any questions.

To find out more, contact Alex Roxburgh from 7H Chartered Surveyors