Fun family activities to enjoy at home

Movie Night

Got Netflix, Disney+, or even a bunch of DVDs? Set up camp together for an evening of family favourite films and snacks. You could even arrange to virtually watch together with family and friends from afar through a group chat!

Send the children on a scavenger hunt

Hide clues, riddles and treats all around your home (and garden, if you have one) and then set the little ones loose on the quest with a prize for the play who finishes first!

Laser Escape

This is great fun for kids and grown-ups alike. Using tape, wool or string, set up a laser maze through your hallway and see who can get through without touching them!

Balloon Volleyball

If you have some balloons tucked away somewhere, why not blow one up and play a game of volleyball? Don’t let it touch the ground!!

Karaoke Night

You don’t need a full karaoke machine to host a karaoke night! You can find singalong videos online. Pop them on and take it turns to belt out your favourite tunes… you could even get other family and friends to get involved through video chat.

Film a Family talent Show

Dancefloor divas, aspiring actors and quick-witted comedians, get ready to show off your talent! Film the show and share it virtually with family and friends, who get to vote for their winner.

Hot and Cold

This one can last for hours… choose an object and take turns to hide it somewhere in the house or garden. The players can be given clues as to whether they are getting ‘hotter’ or ‘colder’ as they search to find it.

Backyard Games

Backyard games such as giant jenga, swingball and croquet can provide endless fun on a sunny day. Time to rummage through the garage and see what you you can dust off!

Grow an indoor garden

If you can’t get outside, bring the beauty of nature indoors! Plant some of your favourite flowers to bring some colour to your inside space or start a windowsill herb garden.